The Colorado River Land Trust works in partnership with landowners to conserve and protect land and water resources for future generations.

The Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA) created the Colorado River Land Trust (CRLT) to help preserve land and water quality in the Colorado River basin for future generations. The trust will acquire and manage conservation easements in the Colorado River watershed.

"This land trust focuses on conservation of the Colorado River basin and allows landowners to preserve their lands for future generations of Texans," said Timothy Timmerman, chair of the LCRA Board of Directors.

By guiding future use of land along the Colorado River, CRLT will help preserve the river's health, reduce potential sources of water pollution and continue to be a responsible steward of the basin's natural resources. The trust will purchase land and negotiate private, voluntary conservation easements to limit future land use.

The Colorado River Land Trust Board of Directors is made up of six members — three members of the LCRA Board of Directors and three members of the public. All members must live in or own land in the Colorado River basin.