Help protect land along the 862-mile Colorado River

The Colorado River runs through the most beautiful natural areas in Texas.

Headwatered in the Llano Estacado (Staked Plain) of West Texas, the river traverses the spectacular Texas Hill Country, passes through Austin, one of the fastest growing major cities in the United States, flows through the farmlands of the Coastal plains and meets the Gulf of Mexico at the deltas in Matagorda Bay, teeming with aquatic life and thousands of migratory birds.

The basin has long been home to Central Texas, with ranches and homesteads forming the foundation for Texas' unique history. The Colorado River Land Trust, a 501(c)(3), was formed to preserve both the natural beauty and cultural history of the Colorado River basin.

The nonprofit organization promotes voluntary land conservation and assists in preserving land for agricultural uses, natural resources, wildlife habitat, water quality, and scenic, historical or open space value.

The population of Central Texas has grown rapidly in the past two decades, with people flocking to be part of this rare and beautiful place. The Land Trust aims to help preserve the things people love about Central Texas as it grows.

Please join us in protecting this land that we love. Find out today how you can help by setting aside your land or contributing to Land Trust activities.